The Northern School of Asian and Oriental Cultural Cooking Road Show

The Northern School of Asian & Oriental Cooking
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(Voted No1 Cultural Ethnic Educational Cooking School Show in United Kingdom)Sponsored by Wox Express, Highfield Dental Practice, Chatsworth Signs, Speedy Hire, Furness Park Vehicles and Ooy’s Cooking School

The 2 hour Asian & Oriental Cultural & Cooking Show comprises of an insight into the world of Chinese and Thai New Year, the culture and diversity of China and Hong Kong with a look at The Great Wall of China, The Terracotta Warriors and The Three Gorges Dam. The story of Old Thailand (Siam) Krung Thep (Bangkok) the longest place name in the world (163 letters long) Chang & Eng, the original “Siamese Twins”, Thai dancing and Thai boxing, Thai customs and the Royal Thai family. Languages of Thai, Cantonese and Mandarin dotted with French from Vietnam along with cultural singing and not to mention the Great Lion Head Dance and Japanese samurai swords with Oriental music and drum & cymbal playing. An explanation of Asian & Oriental fruit and vegetables with pupils seeing & touching Jack fruit, Durian, Rambutan & Longan and then interact this with a wonderful Oriental taster menu of prawn crackers, Thai crispy wontons, Thai pork sesame toast’s, Chinese crispy “C” weed, chicken fried rice and to finish fortune cookies makes this a show to treasure for the rest of your life with educational tips for tourist’s going to Thailand and memories to pass on for ever. Priced at only £4 per person

The 2 hour Indian, Pakistan, Sri Lankan (Ceylon), Goan and Bangladeshi show that interacts with the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and the Islamic faith. We will take the pupils and teachers on a magical mystery tour of India with their customs, religious stories of Hinduism (Gods) the birth and life of Buddha, how sikhism started and the practices and customs of Muslims. Before you join this interesting journey listen to a real Indian sitar (full size) being played and then let the taste buds delight with a mixture of Far far’s (multi coloured Indian prawn cracker equivalent) Indian poppadoms, onion bhaji, vegetable samosas and finishing off with basmati rice from the foot hills of the Himalayas cooked to perfection and made into multi coloured (tricolour) rice topped with a delightful light mix of a very mild Halal chicken korma.   This show is a must for an insight into the Religious education side of Indian religions, culture, customs and the food of this Continent. Priced at only £4 per person

The 2 hour healthy eating “5ive and 5ive” fruit and vegetable show will interact with the 2 previous shows as we concentrate a lot on Asian and Oriental exotic fruit and vegetables. After a quick 5 minutes of light exersize we let all the pupils and staff try our home made juice & we ask questions about what the pupils think is in the juice. We then proceed by using our professional juice extractor to reveal that the delightful taste was made by carrots, apples, oranges and bananas. We then let the children try a blind tasting exercise with various exotic fruits and vegetables and then let every pupil and teacher have a selection of the fruit and veg. We then let the pupils try 5 various types of nuts and seeds and we explain and show fruits like Durian from Thailand (the worlds most expensive, most dangerous and smelliest fruit) paw paws, mangoes, mangosteens, real coconuts, pineapples that are peeled and sliced, pomelo, bonitoes, jackfruit, langon. Rambutan and lychees, finish this off with a delicious healthy stir fry (no oil) of new super foods of watercress, soya beans, baby spinach and bok choy, stir fried with steamed chicken breast with carrots, baby corn, bean sprouts and soya bean sauce served over steamed basmati rice. The children and teachers alike will change there attitude towards a new healthy eating routine and will remember what is good for them especially the rice vermicelli noodles that are made from mung beans. Priced at only £4.50 per person

Our New Taste & Culture of Cumbria will let the pupils enjoy a Cultural educational historical tour of Cumbria with a taste of Cumberland Sausage, Cumberland fell bred lamb tatie pot, Cumbrian crusty bread with Damson jam, Grasmere style Gingerbread with Cumberland Rum (essence) butter Cumbrian icky Sticky Toffee pudding and to finish Romney’s Kendal mint cake. Mix this with the sound of Cumbrian music, Power Point Presentation and traditional Oldie Worldly dress and we have a perfect trip around the County at only £5 per person.

Caribbean Cultural Food Show. We would explain about Caribbean history, Culture, Religion, Music, Songs, Languages and Food.
The children will watch our Power Point Presentation about the Islands of the Caribbean and the children will listen to stories about the singer Bob Marley and the Rastafarian Movement. The children will hear and see a Caribbean steel oil drum being played and will get to try the limbo dance. The children will also here about the slave trade and cricket and the importation of Bananas, Sugar Cane and Rum along with the presenters being dressed in traditional Caribbean dress. We will also let the children try rum (essence) butter on ginger bread, Jamaican patties, banana dumplings, Caribbean BBQ spare ribs and to finish a fruit salad of coconut, mango, bananas and papaya’s, The cost would be £5 per head.

All chicken and any lamb used is Halal authority approved and we advise of any food intolerances before a show starts and we give a full risk assessment before the show. Please allow ½ an hour to set up our kitchen and ½ an hour to dismantle it after the show. We will therefore arrive ½ an hour before the performance.

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