Food & Culture from Around the World Geography Show

This a two hour show for up to 150 people. This show gives an insight into World Cultures. We use projection Power Point technology along with live interactive audience participation. We start our journey through the UK and all the children & teachers get to try Cumberland sausage (Halal version can be used) and hear about the artist Constable, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, the Queen and all will sing the National Anthem. then we take the pupils & teachers on a journey into FRANCE with again their National Anthem being played and counting to 10 in French, the customs and traditional dress, a visit to the Eiffel Tower, Ark De Triumph, the painting’s of Monet along with the taste of a French Baguette. Next we visit ITALY and explain about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, canal lined Venice, the 3 tenors, some of their famous artist’s like Leonardo De Vinci and the painting of the Mona Lisa, counting to 10 in Italian, along with the taste of an Italian bread stick and a portion of spaghetti Bolognese (we can use Halal chicken/beef). Next we go to SPAIN and listen to a real Spanish guitar, watch the presenters in real traditional costumes play the castanets, count in Spanish up to 10, reinact a bull fight, learn about the World renowned artist Pablo Picasso and the building’s of Antonio Gaudi and all will get to try a real Spanish omelette. We now go to the South American Continent and visit MEXICO and PERU, see the chef wear a sombrero and poncho and listen to the stories of Ancient Incas and all will try tortillas. Let us move across the World to EGYPT and we will visit the Valley of the Kings and tell the stories of Ancient Egyptians including the child Pharaoh Tutenkahmun and Nevertiti, the very famous Rameses 2nd and the Temple Au Simbel and of course the Great pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx in the Capital Cairo, mix this with a taste of chicken & mushroom couscous and will think you are really there. We now move to THAILAND & CHINA and watch the performers in traditional costumes entertain the pupils with stories about the EAST (Terracotta Warriors & The Great Wall of China) history of the Thai Royal family with Thai crispy wan tons and prawn crackers. Last of all we visit INDIA and listen to a real Sitar being played, look at saris and a turban, listen to stories about the Taj Mahal and we let everybody try delicious popadoms. Who needs Michael Palin when you can go around the World and get fed as well in only 2 hours.
This show is only £6 per person.

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