We have performed in front of more than 600,000 people in the last 6 years in Cumbria, Lancashire & Yorkshire.. As heard on BBC Radio Cumbria (April 16th2007, April 2009, July 2012 & August 2012) & Abbey FM 2007 on 7th  and November 2008), book our Award Winning Multicultural Cooking Shows. The Northern School of Asian & Oriental Cultural Cooking Road Shows. 19 Meeting Industrial Estate, off Park Rd, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria. LA14 4TL, Tel 01229 829299, .e-mail Voted No1 Cultural Ethnic Educational School Show in United Kingdom, 2007,2008,2009.2010 & 2011)   NW winner of the O2x Female Entrepreneur of the year Awards. Winner of the Smarta 100 Awards 2010. Finalist for the EMBF/NW Awards 2010.   Nominated for the Inspiring Women Awards 2010.  O2 It’s your Community Award winner 2010,  Joint nominee for the 2007 Cumbria Community Awards in Education and Learning and The Chairman’s Award for the specialist category of work within the community of Cumbria.  Nominated for Creating The Future Awards 2008 (Schools & the Community)    Gold medal winner in recognition in learning & education from Female British Inventors & Innovators Network 2009

THE ASIAN & ORIENTAL CULTURAL COOKING SHOW (2 hours) This show gives an insight into the Chinese and Thai New Year; the culture and diversity of China and Hong Kong with a look at the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Warriors and the Three Gorges Dam; the story of Old Thailand (Siam), the original Siamese twins, Thai customs and the Thai Royal family. Languages such as Thai, Cantonese, Mandarin and French (from Vietnam) are spoken with cultural singing and the Great Lion Head Dance with Oriental music, and cymbal playing. Explanations of Asian & Oriental fruit and vegetables are given and a wonderful Oriental taster menu of prawn crackers, Thai crispy wontons, pork sesame toasts, Chinese crispy seaweed, chicken fried rice and fortune cookies. This production is an award winning educational show!  £5.00 per person

THE ASIAN RELIGIONS, CULTURE AND CUISINE SHOW (2 hours) This show introduces four religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism as practiced in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We take the pupils and teachers on a tour with explanations of some of the customs and religious stories of Hinduism, the birth and life of Buddha and the practices and customs of Muslims. Pupils will here stories of Ghandi, Mother Teresa and the 5 “k”s of Sikhism, The Taj Mahal and will see a real Indian Sitar. Pupils have the opportunity to taste ‘far fars’ (multi coloured  crackers), popadoms, onion bhajis, vegetable samosas and basmati rice from the foot hills of the Himalayas cooked to perfection and made into tricolour rice topped with a mild  korma sauce.  This show gives an insight into some of the religions, cultures, customs and food of Asia.   £5.00 per person

THE HEALTHY EATING 5 X 5 FRUIT & VEGETABLE FUN SHOW (2 hours) This healthy eating “5ive X 5ive” fruit and vegetable show interacts well with the 2 previous shows as we concentrate on Asian and Oriental fruit and vegetables. We start with 5 minutes of musical exercise.  Pupils and staff sample our home made juice and guess what they think is in it. We use our professional juice extractor to reveal that the delightful taste was made from carrots, apples, oranges, tomatoes and bananas. Pupils do a blind tasting exercise with various exotic fruits and vegetables. We show and give explanations about a range of fruits such as durian (the worlds most expensive, dangerous and smelliest fruit); paw paws; mangoes; mangosteens; coconuts; pineapples; pomelo, bonitoes, jackfruit; langon; rambutan and lychees.  We now introduce one of the original probiotic yoghurt drink’s, Lassi, and let all the youngsters try this delightful tropical healthy drink. We finish off with a delicious healthy stir fry (no oil) of watercress, soya beans & sauce, baby spinach, bok choy, steamed chicken breast, carrots, baby corn, and bean sprouts served over steamed basmati rice. We reward the pupils with a box of raisins, apples and sultanas. The pupils and teachers are encouraged towards a healthy eating routine and will remember the Culture and cuisine of India for ever.  £6 per person

FOOD & CULTURE FROM AROUND THE WORLD GEOGRAPHY SHOW (2 hours) This show uses projection power point technology, along with live interactive audience participation. We take the pupils and teachers on a journey from the UK with it’s history, dress, customs and famous Cumberland sausage and into FRANCE with some of their customs, music and dress, a visit to The Eiffel Tower, along with a taste of a French baguette. Next we visit ITALY and explain about The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Canal lined Venice, some of their famous artist’s like Leonardo De Vinci and the painting of the Mona Lisa along with a taste of a traditional Italian bread stick and spaghetti Bolognese. Next we go to SPAIN & MEXICO and listen to the story about the Incas, watch the chef in traditional Spanish costume play the castanets, learn about Picasso the World renowned artist and try some famous Spanish omelette and Mixican tortillas. Let us quickly move on to EGYPT and we tell of the ancient Egyptians and the Valley of the Kings (Tutankahmun), the very famous Rameses 2 temple “Abu Simbel” and of course the Pyramids of Gisa in the capital Cairo, mix this with a taste of chicken & mushroom cous cous and you will think you are actually there. We now move to THAILAND & CHINA and watch the performers in traditional costumes entertain the pupils with stories of the East (Terracotta Warriors & The Great Wall of China) with Chinese prawn crackers and Thai crispy wan tons. Last of all, we move to INDIA & listen to a traditional Indian Sitar with the chefs dressed in Indian costumes, tell some interesting stories about The Taj Mahal and we let everybody try delicious Indian multi coloured far fars and popadoms. Who needs Michael Palin in eighty day’s when we take you their and feed you as well in 2 hours.  £6.00 per person

OUR NEW TASTE & CULTURE OF CUMBRIA This show will let the pupils enjoy a Cultural educational historical tour of Cumbria with a taste of Cumberland Sausage, Cumberland fell bred lamb tatie pot or Cumbrian cottage pie, Cumbrian crusty bread with Damson jam, Grasmere style Gingerbread with Cumberland Rum (essence) butter Cumbrian icky Sticky Toffee pudding, Lyth valley damson jam on Cumbrian bread and to finish Romney’s Kendal mint cake.  Mix this with the sound of Cumbrian music, Power Point Presentation and traditional Oldie Worldly farmers dress and we have a perfect trip around the County at only £6 per person.

CARIBBEAN CULTURAL FOOD SHOW. We would explain about Caribbean history, Culture, Religion, Music, Songs, Languages and Food.

The children will watch our Power Point Presentation about the Islands of the Caribbean and the children will listen to stories about the singer Bob Marley and the Rastafarian Movement. The children will hear and see a Caribbean steel oil drum being played and will get to try the limbo dance. The children will also here about the slave trade and cricket and the importation of Bananas, Sugar Cane and Rum along with the presenters being dressed in traditional Caribbean dress. We will also let the children try rum (essence) butter on ginger bread, Jamaican patties, banana dumplings, Caribbean BBQ spare ribs and to finish a fruit salad of coconut, mango, bananas and papaya’s, The cost would be £6 per head.

Wox Express of Barrow subsides the food consumed, at £1 per person. Please make all cheques payable to “Wox Express” on the day. A £10 surcharge will be added per week if not paid on the day. If you cancel a booking within 14 days a 25% charge will be incurred, 7 days of the arranged date a 50% charge will be incurred.  If you cancel within 72 hours a 100% charge will be incurred. All prices are correct at the present time but may change due to distance, food price increases, etc. To date we have performed our shows in front of at least 200,000 people, in the last 3 Years!. Please tel’ me John Rigg on 01229 829299 Monday to Sunday or e-mail me at to book one of our Award winning Cultural educational shows

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